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Lost Treasures of Pro Wrestling - wrestlefan

Post by admin » 26 Nov 2017, 21:24

Lost Treasures of Pro Wrestling - wrestlefan
Over the past few years the sport of professional wrestling has lost far too many of its own. Many of these superstars, beloved by fans and peers alike, passed away well before their time. To pay tribute to these fallen men and women, all of whom have given so many people enjoyment in life, RF Video is proud to present Lost Treasures of Pro Wrestling, a documentary dedicated to their achievements, their lives, and the legacy they left behind.

In the course of the last fifteen years, RF Video has compiled an extensive library of exclusive interviews and rare footage with these superstars and it is through this that we are able to bring their fans the real story of these larger than life characters. Lost Treasures of Pro Wrestling presents these men and women with all the trappings of wrestling stripped away, allowing everyone to see their hopes, their dreams, and remember how special they really were.

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