I'm with Spud...Swoggle

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I'm with Spud...Swoggle

Post by admin » 17 Dec 2017, 01:00

I'm with Spud...Swoggle
I'm with Spud...Swoggle
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On what could be the final episode of I'm with Spud we have a guest who is actually shorter than our beloved host Rockstar Spud. That wee little man is Swoggle!

So get comfortable on the sofa for a wild and crazy ride as these two little dudes go all over the place. From sniffing butt cracks, belly buttons, and having a barfing contest this is one crazy episode of I'm with Spud!

There is also talk of Ahmed Johnson and of course a Goldust impression as well. Plus special guest Curt Hawkins. Who gets more face time in this interview than anywhere else???

Topics include:
-Warwick Davis
-Midget vs Little Person
-Crap Pants
-Hawkins Face

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