Lachlan Giles Half Guard Seminar

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Lachlan Giles Half Guard Seminar

Post by admin » 25 Jun 2018, 10:59

Lachlan Giles Half Guard Seminar
Lachlan Giles Half Guard Seminar

Learn the underhook system from 2017 No gi world championship bronze medalist, and coach at Absolute MMA St Kilda: Lachlan Giles

0:13 Where to place the underhook
3:46 Getting on your side
4:15 Turning the hips (pressure the knee)
5:41 Always try to bump your opponent forward, and move yourself lower relative to them UNDERHOOK SERIES KNEELING
7:53 Ideal half guard sweep from knee shield
13:26 Dealing with both crossface and underhook to set up knee shield
15:11 Dealing with the whizzer by rolling under
19:00 Preventing a successful backstep by holding the far pants
19:52 Recovering your underhook when they have the underhook (no crossface)
21:14 When they post on the mat to prevent the roll under- take the back
23:04 Recover from tight crossface/underhook using Z guard
26:13 When they hide their leg from being trapped UNDERHOOK SERIES STANDING
29:13 When they turn their knee towards mount 30:34 Countering the standing passer/knee cut 33:55 Dealing with cross lapel choke
35:40 Single leg from standing posture
40:01 Saggioro sweep (lapel head through the middle) COUNTERING THE BACKSTEP
44:05 prevent their leg from reaching the ground
44:24 Prevent the hips moving back, take the back
45:00 Using your hooks to sweep
46:27 The super lockdown
48:42 The double leg pinch THE DOGFIGHT
50:07 The rollthrough
52:09 Basic takedown and single leg
53:19 The leg drag
54:41 Limp arm MISC- Guillotine defence
55:43 Countering the guillotine, roll on top
56:59 Countering the guillotine, turn the hip
58:39 Countering the guillotine, head positioning ROLLING
58:59 Roll 1 just trying to use half guard
1:04:42 Roll 2 just trying to use half guard
1:10:40 Roll 3 just trying to use half guard

The half guard seminar is one large file. Also included is some Q and A from the seminar.

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Re: Lachlan Giles Half Guard Seminar

Post by oneoone » 26 Jun 2018, 14:15

Have you linked the correct files? It is labeled High_Percentage_Chokes_No_Gi_by_Lachlan_Giles.part

really loving the instructionals.

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