Kit Dale - Art of Learning Jiu Jitsu Vol. 3 - No Gi

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Kit Dale - Art of Learning Jiu Jitsu Vol. 3 - No Gi

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Kit Dale - Art of Learning Jiu Jitsu Vol. 3 - No Gi

After the bestselling AOL Vol 1&2 it is time for the long anticipated nogi edition!

I'm beyond excited to share the concepts I use in my approach to grappling. My goal as a teacher is to give you a product that you can watch and then go to nogi class and apply at least one concept and find success with it, right away.

In the AOL Vol. 3, you can expect a structured selection of only the finest concepts. I share my general nogi concepts, concepts about posture, grips from situp/butterfly guard, advanced framing, concepts from the guard and mount and back attacks + so much more.

This product took a long time to develop, I have been writing these concepts down and recording some of them far before last year's ADCC camp. Doing that helped me keep my game sharp and become better, despite training less than most of my competition. Now I'm excited to share more than an hour and a half of my best nogi concepts with YOU!

For a lot of people the switch between gi and nogi is confusing, especially due to the change in grips. You will learn how to grip so well that you'll think they have a gi on! With this instructional you can expect to learn the strategies you need to not fall into the traps that are everywhere around you. Understanding posture, framing, balance and timing is far easier and more efficient than 1000s of poorly trained techniques!

I love to hear responses from those who watch my products, please send me yours! Download this before your training partners get their paws on it and start dominating in nogi.

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