Reverse De Le Riva Lockdown with Coach Firas Zahabi

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Reverse De Le Riva Lockdown with Coach Firas Zahabi

Post by admin » 10 Jul 2018, 21:45

Reverse De Le Riva Lockdown with Coach Firas Zahabi

Stop pressure passers in their tracks with coach Zahabi's RDL Lockdown game. Not only will the RDL Lockdown stop others from smash passing you it will also protect you from leg locks. After teaching you how to deflect your opponent from smash passing and or leg locking you, coach Zahabi then goes into details about sweeping, creating elevation and flowing to your own leg-locks. In this instructional you will also be taught coach Zahabi's "Game Over" position that leads to the most powerful and yet simplest leg lock finish in the game today. This instructional is suitable to those with a minimum of 6 month of BJJ experience. The some details and maneuverers require a adequate level of experience to both comprehend and execute. So wether you are a blue belt or a black belt this video will greatly improve you game! Length of video is approximately 40 min with zero fluff or dead time.
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