Krazy Kimuras w/ Sebastian Brosche and Miha Perhavec

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Krazy Kimuras w/ Sebastian Brosche and Miha Perhavec

Post by admin » 28 Jul 2018, 21:53

Krazy Kimuras w/ Sebastian Brosche and Miha Perhavec
Sebastian and Miha have been using the Kimura to submit opponents since their white belt days and between the two of them they have managed to add their own unique twist to the submission system (and by unique we mean painful!).

Anybody who has ever rolled with either Sebastian or Miha knows that the desire to tap often sets in long before the actual submission is applied. By buying this DVD you will gain the same power to break down your opponent mentally to the point where applying the finish becomes a mere formality

List of techniques:

Part 1

Entry #1 - Side Control
Entry #2/3 - From Standing (We Both Do The Same Move)
Entry #4 - From Bottom Half/Z-Guard
Entry #5 - From Smash Pass
Entry #6 - From Knee-on-Belly
Entry #7 - Baby Roll
Entry #8 - Seb's Crucifix From Hell
Pass #1 - Deep Half Guard
Pass #2 - Sit-up Guard (Kimura Roll)
Pass #3 - Kimura Roll to Crucifix
Pass #4 - Seb's Top Spin
Pass #5 - Knee on Chest Lone Sweep - Kimura Hip Bump

Part 2

Finish #1 - James Bond Choke
Finish #2 - Reverse Triangle, Wrist Lock
Finish #3 - Kimura trap
Finish #4 - from Z-guard
Finish #5 - Armpit to Armpit Armlock
Finish #6 - Classic Straight Armlock
Counter #1 - Kimura Counter to Kimura
Counter #2 - Counter to Counter
Bonus: Self Defence From Back
Bonus: Krazy Outside Hook
Bonus: When to Pull the Kimura

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