Yogaforbjj Dirty 30 1

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Yogaforbjj Dirty 30 1

Post by admin » 28 Jul 2018, 21:53

Yogaforbjj Dirty 30 1
The 30 Dirty is the brainchild of evil yet peaceful Yoga for BJJ creator - Sebastian Brosche. He has a very unique style of rolling, one that doesn't include many chakras or namastes, but it does involve a lot of sudden pain and shocking submissions.

Normally that kind of style will get you the title of "that f****g guy" at training and not much more else. Sebastian however can boast an impressive competition record. He achieved double gold at the Worlds when he was a purple belt, won the World pro at brown belt and holds wins over the likes of Joao Miyao, Kit Dale, Edwin Najmi just to name a few. Oh, and he's a black belt in both judo and BJJ.

In this DVD you will find 30 of Sebastian's favorite and best techniques, that could be characterized as dirty. You will also find a few techniques, including 5 from Sebastian's partner at Yoga for BJJ - rising Slovenian competitor Miha Perhavec. You can get all of the techniques downloaded instantaneously in supreme HD quality!

" Oh boy, did I have fun with this selection of devilishly evil goodies. I watched this set on Friday evening and during Saturday morning open mat I was able to apply a good 8 or 9 of the techs during various rounds of free rolling " - Meerkatsu in his review

Here is a list of techniques and yes, they are all as fun as they sound!

Evil side control
Kick in the chest from butterfly
Gollum choke
Reverse Vader choke
Closed guard wrist lock
Fist choke from closed guard
Closed guard Ezekiel
Lapel choke from back mount
Ankle breaker counter from backmount
Ballkicker leg defence
Ezekiel fistchoke mount top half guard + bonus
Guillotine guard pass
Thumb down throatfist from top half guard
Step on bicep closed guard pass
Renzo Gracie's friendly position
Boston crab + illegal
Knee on throat
Body triangle the nasty way
The James Bond choke
Scarfhold neckcrank
Scarfhold americana
Sneaky lapel Ezekiel
Wristlock trap from closed guard
F@&k you footlock
Ankle lock
Trond sde control wristlock
Buggy Choke
Reverse Buggy choke
Miha's bonus : Kneebar footlock from X-guard
Miha's bonus : Miha judo alternative
Miha's bonus : Knee shield kimura
Miha's bonus : Knee shield kneebar
Miha's bonus : Kneebar attack open guard

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