John Danaher- Self Master Solo BJJ Training Drills

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John Danaher- Self Master Solo BJJ Training Drills

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John Danaher- Self Master Solo BJJ Training Drills
Part 1:

The Need For Solo Training In Jiu Jitsu
Three Axioms Of Jiu Jitsu Training
The Fastest Learners In Jiu JItsu
The Most Important Body Skills In Jiu Jitsu
Bottom Position
Reverse Shrimping
Part 2:

Supine Heisting
Hip Heisting
Leg Pummeling
Leg Scissor
High Leg Spin
A Sit-out
Inside Leg Standup
Part 3:

Top Position
Guard Standing Up
Footwork Drills
Stance And Motion
Sprawl And Circle
Weight Bearing Posture
Part 4:

Special Topic: Training Your Spine
Building Core Strength For Jiu Jitsu
Designing Your Workout
Getting Better Outside The Dojo: Three Directions For Your Training
Pull Up Bar Routine

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