Back to the Territories - Series

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Back to the Territories - Series

Post by WillieBHurt » 16 Apr 2018, 15:50

I had nearly every single edition - minus Puerto Rico, and Houston, then my storage died.

I thankfully had all of them on an SD CARD, in my tablet, that just happened to die as well.

RULE OF THUMB: Back everything up online... (I ended up buying Google Drive storage for everything I wanted to keep). After a lot of tries I was able to restore: Amarillo, AWA, Calgary, Florida, Georgia and Indianapolis.

However I unfortunately lost: All Japan, Mid South, and Mid Atlantic. Obviously I also would like Houston and Puerto Rico if for any reason to complete the collection! I checked the previous posts on FBB and they were all down, naturally as KC is on that like flies on POOP.

Anyway - I am kindly asking does anyone have ANY of those that I am MISSING? I do appreicate it.


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