IWA Mid-South "Guardians of Hardcore 2" July 6, 2018

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IWA Mid-South "Guardians of Hardcore 2" July 6, 2018

Post by admin » 18 Aug 2018, 21:16

IWA Mid-South "Guardians of Hardcore 2" July 6, 2018
IWA Mid-South July 6, 2018 "Guardians Of Hardcore 2" - Memphis, IN

1. Barefoot Pandora’s Box: G-Raver vs Reed Bentley
2. Barbed Wire Boards & Barbed Wire Bats: Dysfunction vs Kody Rice
3. BDSM Death: Dale Patricks vs Amazing Maria
4. World Series Of Glass: JC Rotten vs Orin Veidt
5. Electrified Light Tubes & Mirrors: Devon Moore vs Eric Ryan
6. Mask vs Title Shot, Home Run Derby: Aeroboy vs. John Wayne Murdoch
7. Fans Bring The Weapons: Ludark Shaitan & Markus Crane vs Maria Manic & Shlak
8. Barbed Wire House Of Horrors IWA Mid-South Heavyweight Championship: Bryant Wood vs. Nick Gage(c)

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