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CZW: Down With The Sickness (2018 Rough Cut)
Video Duration: 03:10:21

1. CZW Hall of Fame Induction

2. Brandon Kirk vs. Max Caster

3. Anthony Greene vs. Dan O'Hare

4. The Help (The Abominable CPA & Smart Mark Sterling) Interview

5. Conor Claxton vs. Mance Warner

6. CZW Tag-Team Titles: BLKOUT (Ruckus & BLK Jeez) vs. The REP (Nate Carter & Dave McCall) (c)

7. The Office confront Mitch Vallen

8. Shook Crew (Bobby Orlando & Bryce Donovan) vs. Massage Force (VSK & Dorian Graves)

9. Joe Gacy vs. Rickey Shane Page

10. CZW WIRED Title: Jordan Oliver vs. KC Navarro vs. Blackwater vs. Ace Austin (c)

11. Chri$ Ca$h Memorial Ladder Match: CZW World Title Opportunity: Alex Reynolds vs. John Silver

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