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Freelance Dismantling Summer
Friday, August 24th, 2018

From Chicago, Illinois - Featuring:

- Craven vs Drew Adler vs Alex Ohlson vs Eye Candy Elliot vs FMB vs Scott Story vs Slade Porter vs Marshe Rockett
- Freelance Tag Team Title Number One Contendership Match: Beauty And The Beast (Rob Matter and Stevie Fierce) vs The Four Star Heroes (Chris Castro and Matt Knicks)
- Kenny Sutra vs Arik Cannon
- Freelance Underground Heavyweight Title Match: Craig Mitchell vs Aaron Orion
- Taser On A Pole Match: Gringo Loco vs Robert Anthony
- Freelance Wrestling Tag Team Title Match: The WorkHorsemen (Anthony Henry and James Drake) vs The Gym Nasty Boyz (Timmy Lou Retton and White Mike)
- Space Monkey vs Darin Corbin
- Freelance Wrestling Title Match: Isaias Velazquez vs GPA

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