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Name of the event: IWA Mid-South We Are IWA
Date: 01.02.2018
Promotion: IWA Mid-South
Type: TV-Show
Location: Memphis, Indiana, USA
Arena: IWA Arena
Broadcast type: Live
Broadcast date: 01.02.2018
TV station/network: Powerbomb.tv

IWA Mid-South Heavyweight Title #1 Contendership Six Way Scramble Match
AJ Gray vs. Eric Wayne vs. Myron Reed vs. Sage Cainan vs. Sage Philips vs. Trey Miguel

Singles Match
Ace Romero vs. Sami Callihan

Singles Match
Ludark Shaitan vs. Marko Stunt

Prince Of The Death Matches 2018 Qualifying Taipei Death Match
Amazing Maria vs. JC Rotten

Singles Match
Eddie Kingston vs. Maxwell Jacob Friedman

Singles Match
Calvin Tankman vs. Larry D

Tag Team Match
Brandon Taggart & Shain Bender vs. Chase Holliday & Steve Manders

IWA Mid-South Tag Team Title Match
Elliott Paul & Pat Monix (c) vs. Ace Perry & Dale Patricks

IWA Mid-South Heavyweight Title Three Way Elimination Match
Aaron Williams (c) vs. Jake Crist vs. Mance Warner

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