Matt Darcy - Iron Maiden Back Control

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Matt Darcy - Iron Maiden Back Control

Post by admin » 14 Aug 2019, 11:52

Matt Darcy - Iron Maiden Back Control
The Iron Maiden Back Control System is the brainchild of Professor Matt Darcy (co-founder of the Guerrilla Jiu-Jitsu system). As a second degree Black Belt under the legendary Dave Camarillo, Matt Darcy's super aggressive submission-oriented style stems directly from his lineage.

The Iron Maiden Back Control System mainly entails using your legs to bind and immobilize your opponent's arms and upper body. In this instructional series, Professor Darcy will walk you through an elaborate and detailed system of submissions and control sequences that will render your opponent defenseless.

If you are a point fighter, don't buy this instructional... This series is only for the serious submission hunters!

Techniques Included:

Underhook Side - Harness Control
Iron Maiden Control - One Arm RNC
Iron Maiden Control - Bow & Arrow Choke
Iron Maiden Control - Cross Bow Finish
Flash Of The Blade - Kimura Grip Armlock
Flash Of The Blade - Armlock Defense Counter
Overhook Side - Harness Control
Triple Threat Choke Sequence
D.O.D Control
D.O.D Control - One Hand RNC
D.O.D Iron Maiden Transition
D.O.D Control - Reverse Guillotine
The Necromancer Rolling Bow & Arrow
Troubleshooting - Hand Fighting
Troubleshooting - Hidden Elbow
Troubleshooting - Hand Fighting 2
The Pickpocket Hammerlock
Reverse Triangle
Troubleshooting - Vs. Strong Wrestler
Troubleshooting - Vs. Strong Wrestler 2
Troubleshooting - Hidden Collar Control
Hidden Collar to Iron Maiden Control
Troubleshooting - Vs. Strong Wrestler 3
Troubleshooting - The Power Half
Troubleshooting - Vs. Strong Bridge
Troubleshooting - D.O.D Vs. Strong Bridge
The Crucifix
The Crucifix - Armlock
The Crucifix - Bicep Crush
The Crucifix - One Arm RNC
The Crucifix - Kimura
The Crucifix - Reverse Omoplata
Back Control Drill
Flow Sequence #1 - Side Control - Kimura - Knee Pillow - Iron Maiden - Flash Of The Blade - Armlock
Flow Sequence #2 - Side Control - Mount - Knee Pillow - Iron Maiden
Flow Sequence #3 - Leg Drag - Knee Pillow - Iron Maiden

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