10th Planet Fundamentals - JM Holland

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10th Planet Fundamentals - JM Holland

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10th Planet Fundamentals - JM Holland
10th Planet Fundamentals - JM Holland

Crack open the strange new world of the 10th Planet system with two Eddie Bravo black belts explaining their dynamic warm up system that gets them loose and limber while also teaching them the unique 10th Planet flows that bring them huge success

Learn the foundations of the 10th Planet System from two Eddie Bravo black belts
Flow from position to position with these BJJ warmups and flow rolls, designed to teach you while you get loose
Attack unique sweeps, submissions, passes, and more with this rare look into the 10 Planet system
Know More. Win More.

What Will You Learn?
Broken into different series’ and flows that you can work with over time, you will get the back-and-forth flowing exchanges that this no-gi crew uses to build one of the most exciting no-gi style on Earth. Over 4-volumes, you’ll get every foundational movement you will need to master 10th-Planet’s unique fundamentals.

Zack Maislany and JM Holland take you step by step through some of their favorite BJJ flows, starting in one position and moving back and forth to get reps while still simulating a real sparring round. Connect the techniques and build your game up in every area as these two black belts show you their solutions in every position. WIth passes, submissions, back takes, sweeps, and more, you will be getting a comprehensive roadmap to the 10th Planet way of doing things.

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Re: 10th Planet Fundamentals - JM Holland

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