Tarikoplata by Tarik Hopstock

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Tarikoplata by Tarik Hopstock

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Tarikoplata by Tarik Hopstock
Learn one of jiu-jitsu's most innovative and effective attacks from the fighter who named it, as Norwegian brown belt and world absolute medalist Tarik Hopstock shows the unique Tarikoplata submission that has made him one of the most notorious BJJ up-and-comers today

Learn the Tarikoplata, one of BJJ's most exciting new submissions, from the man it's named for, Tarik Hopstock
This unique submission hold has lit up the BJJ competition scene, with everyone from Tarik Hopstock to Gordon Ryan swearing by its effectiveness
Attack this innovative and effective shoulder lock from top and bottom position, even against much bigger and stronger fighters
See Tarik spar against Placido so he can demonstrate the ways he finds and finishes the submission against a resisting opponent

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